Dicing & Drinking: Greg Stolze on Dueling Fops of Vindamere

Greg Stolze waltzes over to Dicing & Drinking to talk to Max and Claire about Dueling Fops of Vindamere, a procedurally generated role playing game about fanciful dandies seeking to display their fencing abilities while proving themselves to their beloveds now on Kickstarter. As well as talking about trifling people, the trio also discuss RPGs not requiring a GM, collaborative gaming experiences, and getting what you sign up for when sitting at the table. 

Check out Dueling Fops of Vindamere on Kickstarter.

Check out Greg Stolze's website for games and a load of free fiction, he's also on Twitter

Opening theme: Dee Yan-Key - Sonata for 3 Flutes in E Minor

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