Episode 130: Ready to Rumble

Who would have thought that after 5 years of doing this podcast the pickings for Holiday Wrestling Movies has become rather slim? Well no matter as Good Brews Bad Views still has a helping heaping of non-Holiday Wrestling movies to dig in to for Suplexmas this year, with the Patreon Poll winner being Ready to Rumble, in which two wrestling super fans take the show and spectacle a little too seriously and have to help their fallen idol rise to his former glory.

Jump forward to 1:45:30 for our post movie wrap up on delicious Michigan Beers, how Ready to Rumble differs structurally from most other GBBV movies, and the importance of leaning in.

Learn more about Professional Wrestling via Vice's Dark Side of the Ring series

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Opening theme: Tha Silent Partner – Prohibition Brew and Pork Chops

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