Episode 135: Double Team

In the 1990s some of the biggest names in Hong Kong cinema made their way to Hollywood to build upon their already illustrious careers, and some of the movies that came out of this venture were great.  However some of them like today's movie were not, luckily Steve Cuff of Optimism Vaccine returns to endure Tsui Hark's Double Team starring GBBV Allstar Jean-Claude Van Damme and NBA icon Dennis Rodman.

Jump forward to 1:33:15 for our post episode wrap up thoughts on affordably priced wine and pastry flavored beer, the ridiculous nature of Hong Kong action movies, and an extensive list of Tsui Hark films worth watching.

Check out Optimism Vaccine and their Four Part Episode Series on Tsui Hark for a cinematic voyage on the works of this episode's director.

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Opening theme: Tha Silent Partner – Prohibition Brew and Pork Chops

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