Episode 137: Johnny Mnemonic

The year is 2021, a global pandemic rages uncontrolled affecting every walk of life indiscriminately infecting the rich and poor, wealth and technology explicitly divide the have and have nots, medical care is unaffordable, and gig economy workers struggle to survive as their jobs literally put their lives on the line. No this wasn't our 2021, this is the 2021 of Johnny Mnemonic, a movie that Good Brews Bad Views joyfully slots in for the latest episode of the podcast.

Jump forward to 1:35:15 for our post movie wrap up on Johnny Mnemonic and our selection of beers and a discussion on how the depiction of the cyberpunk genre has evolved over 40 years.

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Opening theme: Tha Silent Partner – Prohibition Brew and Pork Chops

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